Understanding the total station

By cv.fokus jadi berkah October 25, 2017

Understanding the total station

Understanding the total station measurement tool for measurement- On this occasion I will share my knowledge of measuring instruments that are now being widely used. Total station is a measure of angle and distance that is integrated in one unit. The total station is also equipped with a processor so that it can be calculated flat spacing, coordinates, and high difference directly without the calculator again. Overall sense of the total station gauge is a measurement tool that has more value and will be faster to finish.</>

I like that you’ve read an article about theodolite and waterpass gauges because a bit more will compare theodolite gauges with the total station gauge. Total station gauges are technological advances in the field of measurement. In principle between theodolite and the total station has the same way of working but in terms of efficiency and superior sophistication of the total station gauge. Some sense of the total station gauge is different but in principle all the same.

Some of the benefits of this total station are

1. A practical tool because electronic measuring equipment angle and distance (EDM) together in 1 unit
Data Can be stored in recording medium. This media is in the form of on board / internal, external (elect field book) or in the form of card / PCMCIA card so that the possibility of wrong cata does not exist.

2. Be able to do some flat distance count, high difference and so on inside the tool.
Able to run survey programs, eg: orientation direction, setting out, wide count and so on. This capability depends on the total station gauge type.

3. Total station with “high end” type is equipped with motor drive and equipped with ATR (Automatic Target Recognition), and automatic object identifier (prism)

4. For a total station with a certain type capable of eliminating errors such as HZ & V collimation, diametral errors, refractive correction, and so on. So the data obtained is very accurate.
Has the accuracy and speed of angle and distance measurements better than manual and meter theodolit especially for measurement of situation map.

5. Total station equipped with plummet laser, very practical and reflector-less EDM (EDM without reflector)
Data electronically can be sent to PC computer and processed into map with mapping program

Working Principle of Total Station

Total station gauges are electronic devices equipped with horizontal dishes, vertical plates, and distance measuring components. Of these three primers (horizontal angle, vertical angle, and distance) can be obtained the coordinate value of X, Y, and Z and high difference. The data is recorded in the memory and can then be transferred to the computer to be processed into the contour of the ground.

Recommended Use of Total Station

We recommend that the total station measurement tool be used for the measurement of new boundary boundaries, both forest boundary and boundary arrangement with third parties as well as use and exchange of forest area
Preferably the total station is used for repeated measurements. For example, reconstructing boundaries of forest areas, where previous data were obtained from measurements using total stations as well

Difference of measuring station with theodolit total station

In the article Understanding the total station measurement tool for this measurement review the difference between total station with theodolit to add our reference together. Both measuring devices are used to measure horizontal and vertical angles during the survey. Both tools have advantages and disadvantages that can be used in various situations. The process of measurement depends on time, money, effort, and expertise. If you want accuracy in construction work, can use the Auto Level Laser tool.

Although theodolite has been used for many years, the main operation of this tool remains the same. Theodolite consists of a mobile telescope mounted between the vertical and horizontal axes. The angles of each axis can be measured with precision quite accurately as long as the tool operator has sufficient knowledge to use the tools and basic trigonometry. However, the use of theodolite measurements requires the assistance of a surveyor assistant tasked with holding a tub.

Thus sharing knowledge about the understanding of total station measuring tool for measurement may be useful.


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