Google Earth Pro 2018

By cv.fokus jadi berkah November 1, 2017
google earth pro 2018

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is a virtual globe program actually called Earth Viewer and created by Keyhole, Inc.  This program maps the google earth pro from the superimposition of images collected from satellite mapping, aerial photography and 3D GIS globe. Available in three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited capabilities.</>

Google earth pro Plus ($ 20), which has additional features; and Google Earth Pro ($ 400 per year), which is used for commercial use.  free licence google earth pro

Google Earth Pro function:

google erath  is used to find out all the morphological conditions and contours of the earth’s surface in real ie the top view of the surface of the earth with a pretty good picture resolution and descriptions of degrees of latitude and longitude for each region on earth.

Steps go through Google earth pro :

– Make sure you have downloaded Google Earth application.
-then open the app, will appear as below.
will appear view Navigate on Google earth we select close only.

-we select search, to search the region / location we will give tower / wifi.

-Then we click the region / location that we will give tower / wifi.

-we click the yellow icon used to determine the location we will give tower / wifi

– then there will be a look like below, then we give the name.

-Then we plug that yellow mark into the location we choose.

After we finish placing yellow marks for location A then next we find the location b that we will give tower to 2.

-we’re looking for a location for tower B.

-We specify the location.

-We refer to tower B.

-After we find the location we continue we give yellow mark to mark tower B.

-After both locations we have given a name and a sign then the next step we click the icon to measure the distance and

-we choose the kilometers we use to measure.

-Then we have ID.

– when it is connected it will be marked red triangle.

we right click on the blue picture above and select show it will show image like below. this is a picture of distance and splotch

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