civil engineering salary 2017 – 2018

By cv.fokus jadi berkah December 16, 2017
civil engineering salary

civil engineering salary

Surveyorberlisensi.comMany questions among graduates of civil engineering graduates, they want to know how much income for civil engineering graduates. Initially the first salary of work must be different from the salary that already has experience in the world of work</>

Wondering what exactly is the market or civil engineering bachelor’s salary standard? the amount varies depending on where the place of work and what position is being held, the job with the burden of responsibility smaller or larger will surely earn a commensurate income, for example a drafter in charge of drawing the building will get a smaller salary from the site manager, ok here’s the full explanation hopefully useful. & nbsp; Salary graduates of civil engineering graduates based on job title:

  • Drafter = Rp.5.000.000, – / month
  • Project Implementer = Rp.7.000.000, – / month
  • Surveyor / Uitzet = Rp.7.000.000, – / month
  • Quality Qontrol = Rp.10.000.000, – / month
  • Quantity Surveyor = Rp.10.000.000, – / month
  • Site Manager = Rp.15.000.000, – / month
  • Project Manager = Rp.20.000.000, – / month
  • General Manager = Rp.30.000.000, – / month

The amount is only average, so it can be less or more depending on the policies of each company, remember that the name of the income is not just in the form of money. there is also a tangible increase in science, friendship networks, and work experience.

Working facilities of civil engineering graduates

There are some facilities that are often given, for example, employee mes, the form can be a bed or rented house to be used as a residence during a task from the company, if assigned to the project then there are free meals during the afternoon and evening, if night and morning also sometimes provided free meal when being overtime, there is also a glass of coffee or tea prepared by the office boy project. Uniforms are also given free so not to think about. car service facilities are also sometimes given for a position of manager level upwards.

Civil engineering graduate work bonus

As an illustration if we are civil engineering alumni and work in Indonesian state-owned contractor, then besides the monthly salary there is also overtime pay or transport which is given in the middle of the month, the amount of about 30% -50% times salary, There is also a bonus -user of the company, call it a saving money of the holiday (THR), annual bonus for children’s education fund, BPJS health insurance registered, also jamsostek that has changed into BPJS employment, BPJS funds can be taken employment if affected by layoffs, resign alias resign, or it’s time to retire.

That is the description of civil engineering scholarship salary along with the description of supporting facilities and the bonuses most likely given by the company if we work in the world of building construction, hopefully can give a picture</ p>

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