Drone function

Drone function

Drones are unmanned drones that are controlled remotely. In the past, people may have known drones or drones used by the military to spy on enemies in conflict areas. But now non-military Drones become a new hobby, the users are also very diverse ranging from school children to professionals.

Drone function

Drones or drones other than for military use have already begun to be developed for search and rescue missions.

Drone aircraft have also started to be developed for journalistic purposes, for example to take pictures, record video and data collection. It also began to be used for the delivery of goods and food.

Drone functions can be developed by anyone with special skills, used for what and what controls. Lately drones are still manually controlled or using remote controls. But now the drones can be controlled semi-automated using the algorithm system on the drone control unit itself.

Type of Drone Type

Drone there are 2 types (based on blade propeller):

Fixed wing Drone (Single)

This type of drone is shaped like a commercial aircraft and is used for fast processing, faster and wider coverage, usually for mapping or concept such as scaning. Fixed wins type drones have more energy efficient batteries due to single propeller blades.

Multicopter Drone (Multi)

For you who want to make a good video is very suitable to choose a multi-copter drones because More stable and carrying capacity and the power to lift the load (kemera) can be heavier. More and more propellers are more stable and safer.

This type of propeller:
a. 3 blade propeller (3Copter)
b. 4 propeller (Quadcopter)
c. 6 propeller blades (HexaCopter)
d. 8 Propeller blades (Octacopter)

By knowing the type and function is expected you can choose the appropriate drone for the purposes and not wrong in buying even just for a hobby.

Similarly some types and functions of the drone, then Artikel Teknologi.com will discuss about the basic components of an unmanned drone “drone”.

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